Featuring my little family.

Featuring my little family.


Photographer, wife, mom to Emmett.

Claire, the creative type:

Being a girl who cultivates joy in any way she can, and one with a 'Jess of New Girl' level of musical narration, you'll find that our time together is never dull.

Whether I'm capturing little moments behind a lens, or helping someone find their voice + personality in the digital world, I do so with passion + an open heart.

I take time to get to know those I work with -- whether we meet up for coffee prior to a shoot or keep in touch after our sessions -- as I want to make sure what I capture or continue to create for you, reflects you.

claire, the quirky gal:

"Are you dancing again? "... Yes, 100%. And doing so while almost exclusively listening to Korean pop music* despite having no idea what they're saying (love is in the rhythm guys).

As a heads up, I will fully stop what I'm doing to say hello to a dog across the street + I have a sweet tooth the size of Jupiter (in my defense, celestial is totally in right now).

*If you're also a Kpop stan let me know ASAP -- I will cry tears of joy.